A visual artist exploring stories that have been waiting to be told

Nikki is a multi media artist and curator, based on the south coast, whose practice explores stories about identity and how small changes can cause tiny fractures in our personal landscape.  She is often inspired by found language and objects. Creating fresh narratives, she takes the materials on new journeys to bring the past into the present, developing one off installations, fine art print editions, artist books & poetry.  The work evolves through collecting, cataloguing, playful experimentation, measuring, making, printmaking, destroying, researching and reconfiguring. Her practice is habitually obsessive, meticulous & laborious with self imposed systems and rules that contradict with chance processes and randomness, using the outcomes of making as receptacles for the unsaid and the unseen.


Nikki also runs the artist group Now we are 7, as a platform for critiques, collaborations and exhibition, is an active member and organiser of events at the BlueMonkey artist Network based out of the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne, as well as a contributor at various talks and events in the South East.


Transitions - Work in progress


Short animation looking at external and internal personas and the social media trend to have the maximum number of friends and views contrasted with reality, inspired by the found book, Our Mutual Friend.

paper people triplicate web