A visual artist exploring stories that have been waiting to be told

To Kitty with love - altered book.  

gallery: the book shelf

The book shelf is an ongoing series of work where inspiration comes from books that have been discarded.   Chosen only for a title that resonates in some way, Nikki creates new narratives & takes the book on a different journey, bringing the past into the present. Often the development of the pieces uses the metaphor of the book as an intimate object that engages with an individual, being intensely private as well as tactile & sensory.

In your Home.  Discarded book, bound shut with woven ribbon.

The Grasp of Friendship.  Found book title, velvet, threads, beads.

Chosen Words.  Found book and bulldog clip.

Chosen Words - extract


She stood in tears

a darkness quieted by hope;

She had no shame

Her open breast,

O woman!

-bountiful and crumpet – lardy

The unthinkableness of eternity

‘She just dwembled away’

a chilly sensation passes

talking nonsense


the picture is strangely disturbing

the art of behaving badly

touched the lowest depths



with vanity, pride and sinful ambition

A burden;

in this horrible place,

Silent in your silent room

so painful and humiliating....................

A Sense of values (part II)  Appropriated words from found book and voice

A Sense of values (Part II) web-cropped-book-shelf-text-2 asenseofvaluescloseupweb

The True Woman Goddesses -  an ongoing series of digital prints, inspired by the drawings of Goddesses made by the artsists Stephanie Grainger and Lyn Dale, using pages and redacted text from the found book, A True Woman.